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Adepts and Their abilities

Aug 26, 1997 09:21 PM
by Richard Taylor


> I have found that while the Mahatmas may have known the secrets
> of the universe, they did not know the terminology of 19th
> century science, having to get it from other sources (which would
> explain, for example, the ridiculousness they wrote about
> potential energy; it is clear from the reading that whatever they
> are describing, it is NOT potential energy. Most likely Sinnet
> used the wrong words).

This is a curious phenomenon that I think is worth looking into.

What do we know about the Mahatmas, in reality? Very little,
almost entirely second hand outside of the MAHATMA LETTERS book,
and those letters were to a specific person for a specific
reason. So most of what we must think about Them is, for now,
hypothetical and speculative.

With that proviso, I propose that the Mahatmas are EXTREMELY
busy. They are not only tending to a good number of students, I
suppose, but taking an active role in world events. We read in
one letter that poor Morya hadn't slept in 60 hours, racing
around on horseback carrying out various pressing engagements.

I further propose that these Mahatmas are exceedingly clever
fellows, and very good at time management. With so much to do,
does it seem worthwhile to keep up with all the human terms in
every language in every field? Why, even They would have time for
nothing else.

So, with nothing else besides sheer speculation to go on, I am
proposing that the Mahatmas COULD have busied Themselves with
learning 19th century terminology in every field in every
language, but had better things to do.

When they needed information, they simply sent out that thought
current and came into contact with whatever existing
thought-images (in writing or in people's heads) met Their needs.
It takes energy, to be sure, to accomplish such a feat, and I
suspect it wasn't done for personal ends, like to check on what
some restaurant was serving that night. But it seems to me very

Rather than minimize the Adepts and Their abilities, this
rationale I've layed out strikes me as quite likely (if one
believes that Adepts exist, as I do) and efficient and shows how
even wise people take short cuts when it serves them.


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