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Aug 23, 1997 02:35 PM
by Sigtryggur Omar Jonsson


Let us appreciate simplicity.

Let us not worry so much about the Theosophical Society. It is
meant to help, not to consume time and energy. T.S. will live
on if the members live by its motto.

Most important is to find the Truth or that which is real, and
for that man has to learn the way of simplicity. Many sources
are available for the earnest seeker of Truth. Let us not limit
truth by names: the truth of H.P.B., the truth of Christ, the
truth of Buddha etc. There is just one Truth. Let us not
mention names so much. Let us be thankful for all people, known
and unknown, who have contributed their share of good work and
aided the evolution of life. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you for your selfless work, thank you for your cooperation
that has made the world richer. Thank you for the treasure you
have brought to us all. You have come to help all sincere
seekers, may your work not be in vain.


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