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New Site Search Engine and "Collation of Theosophical Glossaries"

Aug 21, 1997 04:40 AM
by Scott Osterhage

For those who may be interested, The Theosophical Society
International Headquarters ( ) has
added a search engine to its site which will allow the user to
search the full text of all the books online. Theosophy
Northwest ( has also added a search
engine to their site which gives it the capability of searching
the over 450 articles and many other items online. The newest
addition to this site is the "Collation of Theosophical
Glossaries." This work contains definitions of theosophical and
metaphysical terms from several theosophical books integrated
into one alphabetical listing. These include Blavatsky's
"Theosophical Glossary," Judge's "Working Glossary," Purucker's
"Occult Glossary," and Barborka's "Gods and Heroes of the
Bhagavad-Gita" in their entirety; the glossaries from Blavatsky's
"Key to Theosophy" and "Voice of the Silence," "Five Years of
Theosophy," Titchenell's "Masks of Odin," Moffett's in
"Esotericism of the Popol Vuh;" terms from "Isis Unveiled,"
Tyberg's "Sanskrit Keys to the Wisdom Religion," and Hall's
"Sanskrit Pronunciation." (All Copyrighted material included with

Scott J.Osterhage

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