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Re:Bailey's sources

Dec 22, 1996 02:29 AM
by Richard Taylor

Discussing Alice Bailey's contribution, Maxim Osinovsky said that
she gave,

> A lot of information about the seven Rays (going far beyong the
> rudiments given out by Leadbeater and E.  Wood [a compilation]),
> esoteric astrology, esoteric psychology, esoteric healing, much
> more information about the Hierarchy and Shambhala, a
> psychological key to the Secret Doctrine, more information about
> initiations, a detailed system of practical training, and more.

I hope this isn't perceived as obnoxious, but what Maxim wrote is
terribly vague.  I've read Alice Bailey, I know perfectly well
she wrote about "seven rays." In what specific WAYS did she write
about seven rays that Leadbeater didn't already (and incorrectly)

Many people also talk about a so-called "psychological key" to
the Secret Doctrine.  I'm all ears -- what is this key? Can it be
summed up? If not, I'm very skeptical.  From my vantage point,
Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine is perfectly comprehensible to one
familiar with her other teachings.  No particular psychological
key is necessary, but if some one can tell me what it might be,
I'm all ears.

Esoteric astrology? Esoteric psychology? Blavatsky has scads to
say on these topics.  So does Leadbeater.  The two of them
disagree in almost everything from life on other planets to the
entire scheme of evolution.  To the best of my (admittedly
limited) knowledge, Bailey says nothing that was not said by
Leadbeater on any of these topics.  If anyone has DETAILS or
SPECIFICS, by all means let's discuss.

But a list of topics won't cut it, because HPB and Leadbeater
discuss all of these things in depth.  And anyone who has studied
both knows that between Blavatsky and Leadbeater there is little
common ground.  As Nicholas discovered first-hand, people are
either Blavatsky students or Bailey students, but the massive
contradictions between them FORCES one to choose.


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