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Re:"The Masters and the Path" (the need for action)

Dec 20, 1996 07:39 PM
by Bjorn Roxendal

>The problem that you're mentioning has to do with any unfulfilled
>desires or intentions. We think, feel, then we need to act in
>the world. Otherwise, we're just building ourselves a long
>kamaloka and devachan. The inner experiences need to be
>*connected* to external life. And that connection comes from
>our giving concrete expression to our inner spiritual urges.
>You're pointing out the importance of this *connection* with
>the external world, and I strongly agree. But the theosophical
>books, the philosophy, the Jnana Yoga, the inner work continues.
>We may make ourselves impotent when we fail to act, but that
>is due to no fault of the philosophy itself.

Theosophy is such a great teaching.  Put into practice in private
and social life it can truly revolutionize the world.  And - I
agree - books ARE important.


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