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Re:"The Masters and the Path" (the need for action)

Dec 20, 1996 04:29 PM
by Eldon B Tucker


[writing to Rudy]

> > Nowdays I don't read many theosophical books, regardless of the
> > writer.  I am a firm believer that theosophy is not found in
> > books.  Theosophy is found by living theosophy.
> Yes, yes, yes! Good to hear someone say this.  With more
> application and less mental masturbation the Theosophical
> movement doubtless would be a much more powerful force, both
> socially and spiritually.

I'm not sure that I'd agree that your experience with the books
would apply to everyone.  There's certainly been a stage in many
Theosophists' lives when discovering the books and being
introduced to the philosophy was a great event.

I've noticed in my experience that I've periods where I read lots
and benefit from it, for perhaps many years, and other periods
where I have to put the books aside, and go out into nature to
experience life.  I've also noticed that there are times when the
books go dry, and I've reached a plateau, but like a Zen koan,
with persistence, I achieve some breakthrough and enter into a
new level of realizing Theosophy.

The problem that you're mentioning has to do with any unfulfilled
desires or intentions.  We think, feel, then we need to act in
the world.  Otherwise, we're just building ourselves a long
kamaloka and devachan.  The inner experiences need to be
*connected* to external life.  And that connection comes from our
giving concrete expression to our inner spiritual urges.

You're pointing out the importance of this *connection* with the
external world, and I strongly agree.  But the theosophical
books, the philosophy, the Jnana Yoga, the inner work continues.
We may make ourselves impotent when we fail to act, but that is
due to no fault of the philosophy itself.

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