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Re:Bailey's sources

Dec 20, 1996 03:05 PM
by Maxim Osinovsky

Richard Taylor:

> I am still interested to hear what Bailey can offer that no one
> offered before her.

A lot of information about the seven Rays (going far beyong the
rudiments given out by Leadbeater and E.  Wood [a compilation]),
esoteric astrology, esoteric psychology, esoteric healing, much
more information about the Hierarchy and Shambhala, a
psychological key to the Secret Doctrine, more information about
initiations, a detailed system of practical training, and more.

> I agree with Nicholas that her stuff is Leadbeater redux.

This is a matter of choice--your and Nicholas' choice.

> Bailey is noted for giving emotional praise to HPB, all the while
> teaching things directly at odds with Blavatskian material.
> Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I cannot show you are wrong in this particular case, but, as a
general principle, this sort of attitude may be wrong.  Suppose
that "The Secret Doctrine" is published under a different name;
do you think all of the admirers of "The Isis Unveiled" would
believe that SD is a continuation (in some sense) of IU? At least
one theosophist (Alexis Dolgorukii) does not believe it.


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