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Re:Bailey's sources

Dec 20, 1996 12:58 PM
by Richard Taylor

Paul --

Thanks for the info.  I will see if any of the Sanskritists in
Europe have heard of a Jeanine Miller.  I too am skeptical,
mostly because those who hold "degrees" in Sanskrit, Vedas,
Buddhism, whatever, are trained in a very ACADEMIC way.  It
guarantees nothing about actual insight into the material, only
insight into the language, history, etc.  Not very useful for
spiritual work.

In that way even the top academics are on the same level as
everyone else, and perhaps even at a disadvantage because all
their time is sucked into intellectual endeavors and the mind
filled with pretty useless furniture (unless it can be organized
into a fine ashram in there).

I am still interested to hear what Bailey can offer that no one
offered before her.  I agree with Nicholas that her stuff is
Leadbeater redux.  Bailey is noted for giving emotional praise to
HPB, all the while teaching things directly at odds with
Blavatskian material.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.


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