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Regarding the Mortality of Life

Dec 20, 1996 06:49 AM
by Eldon B Tucker

Every so often something comes up that reminds one of how
impermanent life can be.  Just yesterday, I got a phone call that
was such a reminder.

Melina Psaltis, 36, unexpected had a stroke and died within a
day.  She was the daughter of Lina Psaltis, who died 16 years ago
this month.  Lina helped Boris de Zirkoff with compiling the HPB
Collected Writings.  Melina, her daughter, had grown up in a
theosophical household and had a interest herself in the

A friend comes from Ojai to the theosophical class that we hold.
He had known Melina since she was a little child, and will
greatly miss her.  He had employed her for the past year in his
medical office.  The phone call was from him.

Such unexpected deaths can have a sobering effect on life.  We're
reminded that there's no guarantee that anyone -- ourselves
included -- will be around for years to come.  We're brought to
consider what we want to accomplish in life, what we want to
bring forth into the world, and then talk a look at how we spend
our time.  We're faced with the big question: Am I setting aside
enough time for the things in life that are important to me?

If we don't, someday the unexpected may happen, and those things
we've been putting off to "the future" may never happen.

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