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Wheat and chaff

Dec 23, 1996 11:44 AM
by Nicholas Weeks

That Bailey's channellings produced some new teachings when
compared *in detail* to CWL's is not denied.  But "new" does not
equal true, especially when the principles & superstructure of
her embellished system are identical with Chuck Leadbeater's.

Not having much confidence that devotees of AAB will wish to
compare closely the main principles, themes or keynotes of real
Theosophy with it shadow -- I will not write a great deal.
However, if one does want to see the contrast and polarity
between the two, the following four methods will help.

1) Compare statements of purpose, goals & objectives.

2) Determine & compare apparent shared key themes; such as the
   nature and relationship to humanity, of the Occult

3) Compare technical & doctrinal aspects.

4) Contrast the differing meanings of shared terminology.

Based on the example from number two, the nature of the
Brotherhood, here are a few remarks.

Somewhere (I don't have AAB's books anymore) the "Tibetan" lists
5 or 6 functions he is pleased to have assisted the "Hierarchy"
in fulfilling.  Number one on his list was his effort to prepare
humanity for the reappearance of the Christ.  An extension of
this notion (also of key importance to Besant, CWL et al) was the
externalization of the Hierarchy.  Part of this appearance
involves several of the Masters would descending from their
hidden ashrams and taking up lodgings in various cities around
the globe.  An entire book, plus scads of writings in her other
books expands on this theme.  The Masters will approach much
closer and be deeply involved, behind the scenes, in world
events.  In short, she elaborates how the "Inner Government" of
the world works.  This idea of the Adepts as planetary civil
servants also comes from Chuck.

On the other hand, HPB & her Gurus present the Brotherhood as
quite aloof from the affairs of men.  Which is not surprising
since many are liberated from samsara (worldly existence) and
would have no interest in keeping the wheels of our suffering
laden world running smoothly.  As Bodhisattvas They do help, but
mainly by guiding and teaching those who *approach them* (and
most often inwardly at that) and are qualified.

In addition, the entire view that the Theosophical Movement
revolves around humanity invoking an Avatar and his adept
disciples is foreign and opposed to Theosophy as taught by HPB,
Morya, Koot Hoomi and their Chohans.  Yet the "Tibetan" (the
supposed same individual who was a disciple of KH) writes much
dealing with using the "Great Invocation" to supplicate and
vacuum forth from their high plane, our saviors, the Christ and
his Masters.  HPB wrote that to draw near & communicate with the
OURS." (BCW 12, 492; those are HPB's capitals.)

Sometime in the 1870s Olcott received this note from one of the
Brothers: "Act as though we had no existence.  Do your duty as
you see it and leave the results to take care of themselves.
Expect nothing from us, yet be ready for anything." In LETTERS
FROM THE MASTERS, #43 of Series 1, Morya writes:

> A constant sense of abject dependence upon a Deity which he
> regards as the sole source of power makes a man lose all self-
> reliance and the spurs to activity and initiative.  Having begun
> by creating a father and guide unto himself, he becomes like a
> boy and remains so to his old age, expecting to be led by the
> hand on the smallest as well as the greatest events of life...
> The Founders prayed to no Deity in beginning the Theosophical
> Society, nor asked his help since...  Did we help the Founders?
> No; they were helped by the inspiration of self-reliance, and
> sustained by their reverence for the rights of man, and their
> love for a country [India]...  Your sins? The greatest of them is
> your fathering upon your God the task of purging you of them.
> This is no creditable piety, but an indolent and selfish
> weakness.  Though vanity would whisper to the contrary, heed only
> your common sense.

Although the "sinners" mentioned by M.  were some Hindus of a
century ago, I think CWL, AAB and their followers share the same
vice of fathering upon their Hierarchy and/or Logos, the pious
wish that Sanat Kumara, Maitreya Christ and the Masters will
purge humanity of all sin.

This is just one small example of one theme (barely touched on)
that must be studied closely by those who wish to understand just
how inimical Theosophy and pseudo-theosophy are.


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