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Dec 23, 1996 02:16 PM
by Bee Brown

As you are all aware I have developed an interest in the writings
of a guy called Vitvan that Martin Euser found in his crawl
around the web.  I have read a lot of the stuff by now and I have
just come across this bit that I thought most interesting.  His
name is or was Ralph de Bit and Vitvan was the name his Indian
teacher gave him.

Back in 1919 I was assigned by the President of the Theosophical
Society to revive the outlying lodges.  I accepted the job, the
commission.  On one evening that my lecture was scheduled, there
were other features going on that many wanted to attend so
objectively we had a meager crowd.  It so happened, at that time,
that I consciously functioned in that inner world far more than I
functioned in the objective world and I didn't notice the meager
crowd.  Afterward, the President of the local society apologized
to me for the meager turnout.  I said, "What? Not a crowd? Why,
every chair was full and they were standing up around the aisle
and in the back," I said just as innocently and honestly.  He
said, "No, Mr.  de Bit, I'm sorry to tell you but they weren't."
Then I said, "Wait!"I had lost the differentiation between the
two levels.  I honestly saw every chair full and they were
standing up around and I lectured to an overflow crowd.  Now,
take it or leave it.  I can't prove it to you but I'm telling you
what I know.

This is an extract from his book Seven Initiations and seems to
indicate he was tied up with the Society back then.  Actually I
am not surprised because so far his stuff compliments what I have
learned through Theosophy.  He must have met Krishnamurti as they
were contempories but he doesn't mention any of this as he
changed his whole style and orientation in the 1940's when he
studied with Korzibsky.

Just a little aside from me.
Merry Xmas to you all

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