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Re:Bailey's sources

Dec 22, 1996 06:46 AM
by Richard Ihle

Rich Taylor writes-->

> Many people also talk about a so-called "psychological key" to
> the Secret Doctrine.  I'm all ears -- what is this key? Can it be
> summed up? If not, I'm very skeptical.  From my vantage point,
> Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine is perfectly comprehensible to one
> familiar with her other teachings.  No particular psychological
> key is necessary, but if some one can tell me what it might be,
> I'm all ears.

You rang?

In my opinion, a "key" is not really necessary for most of HPB's
writings which concern psychology, consciousness, and related
subjects.  Things like ~kama-manas, manas, Buddhi-manas~ etc.
can be taken quite literally and be regarded as direct
revelations of "esoteric psychology" for sure.

However, in my opinion, the subjects where a "psychological key"
can be turned to great advantage are the Rounds, Root-Races,
Sub-Races etc.  Over the past hundred years, I believe that the
interpretation of these things has leaned heavily toward a
~translifetime~ and sometimes almost "too-anthropological"
explanation--the progressive (Anthropogenetic) development of
human beings, physical, emotional, mental, psychic, and

A psychological interpretation, however, would necessarily deal
more with a possible analogous/homologous pattern of "hidden"
development (Psychogenesis) in a single person ~in a single
lifetime~.  I don't think that I am the person who will ever be
capable of "summing up" what may be involved here, although my
theos-l post called "The Russian Doll" may really not be that bad
as a first step for someone of my abilities.  I would reproduce
it here, but I am all ~fears~ (that it is still boring).


Richard Ihle

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