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Re: theos-talk DK and Bailey

Oct 20, 2011 06:41 AM
by Tom Robertson

>Dear Michael and friends
>My views are:
>Michael wrote:
>"It is my understanding that AAB started out as a sponsored messenger of DK, but quite quickly lost true contact. 
>Her writings from that point are very dry, and do not have the true fire of Hierarchy.
>She claimed she was still speaking in the name of DK, but I do not believe this is accurate."
>M. Sufilight says:
>Have you read all the Alice A. Bailey books?
>The above by you I will agree upon. I do not however think she ever had a true or close contact, because of the number of faults in the books - and for instance the lack of irrefutable proof of Gutpa-Vidya (Atma-Vidya) in the book A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. But I also think that some of the content in the books are promoting altruism - no doubt can be said about this, I think. About the Dark brotherhood thing - I will however throw a yes and no answer to. I think it all depends on how one interpret her books and use them. The overall view I have is that the content of the AAB books and Lucis Trust all in all are highly problematic and show clear signs on misleading people into pseudo-Christianized emotionalism without showing an understanding of the difference between sectarian and non-sectarian teachings, and the psychological term subtle Mind Control.

My feeling from the few books I read of hers was that she was trying
too hard to make her philosophy orderly.  It seemed too
compartmentalized.  I think Annie Besant's books are orderly, but I
never had the feeling that she was trying to fit a square peg into a
round hole the way I did with AAB.

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