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theos-talk Re: Are the TS organisations and offshoots merely members of the New Age

Oct 13, 2011 05:33 AM
by libertyson11


Besides the private email I sent you, I would like to respond in public to a few points.

I see from your writings you are very knowledgable in Blavatskyism, or Mahatmaism, or whatever you might call it, and I don't mean that disparingly. 

I have studied Mr. Judges writings in some detail. 
I have studied the various movements that in my judgment the Mahatmas sponsored after Theosophy. 

Each one has a message that is usually stated with great certainty, and force, as being the truth, the way, the life. 

Blavatsky's statement that prayer reduces self-reliance is one such example. 
No doubt it often does have that effect, as commonly taught in religions. But that doesn't mean that there are not ways of praying that do not so result.

Even the common phrase "Pray as if it all depends on God, and act as if it all depends on you" tends to break the  mold of passive prayer. 

The Puritans prayed and acted, hardly becoming passive. 

That is just one example.  

The appearances of Mary always find her imploring people to pray for others.  

Every religious tradition, including Buddhism has prayer.  To give a blanket denial of its worth is rather daring, and not so in a wise way, methinks. 

Blavatsky was pretty anti-Christianity, in many writings, or seemed so. 

But I believe "The Brothers" were acting and are acting through any and all avenues available.  They were working through Catholicism as much as possible at the same time as they were railing against the darkness that was in it. 

It takes a very flexible mind to keep up with the Brothers!

So, one can become an expert at any of the movements and thrusts of the The Brothers.  However at the same time or next week they will be found sponsoring and trying get bits of The Truth through another avenue that looks at the elephant from another side and sees the matter differently. 

Thanks for the interesting dialogue, by which we grow in altruism and understanding.

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