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Sept 2011 issue of TSA Messenger

Oct 11, 2011 09:53 PM
by MKR

I just received the 12 page long September 2011 issue of TSA Messenger. This
is the first issue coming out from Tim Boyd new President. There are a lot
of details of various activities of TSA and the President need to be

One of the things I would have liked to see (in todayâs Internet Age) an
electronic pdf copy which could be both posted on the website as well as
emailed to those who would like to receive via email. This would cut down
cost of printing and mailing and also permit a very wide circulation to
anyone interested in the affairs of the American Section.

One item discussed in it is the changes taking place in publishing industry
where brick & mortar and hard copy are slowly disappearing. We can expect
everything to move to electronic format and with on-demand printing, those
lovers of hard copy can get them on demand.

There is a discussion on moving some of the publications to electronic
format and this should be the easiest to implement. Electronic files
prepared as input to printing presses can be converted to pdf files in a
snap. Even if electronic files are not available, one can take a bound
volume and trim the binding and feeding it to a scanner is very efficient.
For this, an inexpensive scanner can do the job. [A classic example of how
electronic files can be quickly produced is the effort by David and Nancy
Reigle to scan and upload early issues of The Theosophist to the ning site.]

Making pdf files available will go a long way to inexpensively provide
theosophical materials to anyone interested. Let us see how the new
administration addresses this issue.


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