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Re: Are the TS organisations and offshoots merely members of the New Age

Oct 11, 2011 11:57 AM
by M. Michael Crown

Ah, the eternal pursuit of organized altruism. 

To draw all effort under one catholic/universal umbrella for united action. 

It doesn't seem to Me that that is the way of Aquarius. 

Twould be great to be so, especially and moreso if I was its leader, no doubt. 

But the way of Aquarius is each person moving under his own I AM Self.
It is people gathering in associations for times and then evolve, grow, transcend and morph into something else for anothe cycle, another set of stars and their challenges they bring. 

Altruism comes from the heart, and the heart does not work well in groups.  

I have lately been observing more clearly the fact that nice, sane people tend to become dysfunctional
the more they try to fit themselves into a group matrix. 

And Awareness also doesn't work well in groups.  It tends to fall into legalistic formulations of should's and don'ts.

Perhaps in Aquarius we will over cycles evolve ways to work well in groups. 

I might add that my understanding is that the Brotherhood of whom KH, M and Co were and are members has given many more advanced teachings, methods and movements during the 20th Century. In then will be found great keys to higher consciosness, adeptship and self-Mastery.  But each of these must first be mastered by an individual.  No group can do such without at least some members establishing their personal mastery. 

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