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Are the TS organisations and offshoots merely members of the New Age consumer market?

Oct 10, 2011 02:15 PM
by M. Sufilight

Dear friends

My views are:

I have since I was a child learned, that one should ask questions. So I am doing it.
The good teacher may keep silent in his or her own wisdom. But I will keep asking, until I get an honest answer.
I do hope my English is understandable.

You can copy and email the below at other forums or reformulate the parts of it you like and then post them at other forums.

I see them in front of my eyes all over the little planet called Earth. The New Age consumer market with its large arrays of Guru's with perls around the neck, clairvoyant parapsychologists who get second sight in double-colors after a large drink of Bourbon, the channeling medium from the Andromeda galaxy who has an "special" UFO in the back-garden, the Turkic Soothsayer with the Quran hidden in her inner pocket, Hare Krishna hairs banging on the drums, better-knowing - real - Theosophists at various Convents, New Age Mormons in suits with their "Gucci" ties, the Buddhist on the heath of central England or in France - a master in overtone singing by the use of his skilled uvula, esotericists awaiting the Reappearance of the Christ which already is delayed, the Astrologer who efficiently prints the truth about the future from his new computerprogram, tantrics with unrest between their legs, alternative healers who get lost in their flower-medicine or get entangled in pendulum-oscillations, the medium who is an expert in contact with the deceased, but instead catch a weird church-yard ghost. And all the rest more or less claming to be the real thing. --- They are all of them or a great number of them saying, that they are sweet and nice people and that THEIR sect is non-sectarian. And they all of them are shouting: Me, me, me....pick me, pick me, pick me, I am better...Now, now don't push. Now, please make some room...Aaaaarrrgh...move your foot from my face...etc. etc. (smile.)

If all of them are right and truly know about the Spiritual and altruism, why do they then split themselves up into so many different groups?
The truth is - not all of them can be right and know about the meaning of life on a equal level of insight and visdom. So who is right?

A crucial question is it not?

And truly I tell you - let those who are honest and genuine and have a good conscience, be willing to arrive at a mutual meeting with the aim of establishing a non-sectarian, non-bigotry, philosophical organisation based on altruism....This, - including all of the above mentioned and the rest within the religious market and the New Age market - including all the theosophical branches and offshoots etc. - and the theosophical ("catholic") mother organisation as well. - I suggest politely: Come down from your high horse!

And let them and all of us TOGETHER in the name of mutual true compassion (not false) seek out the truth about the meaning of life and how to promote compassion. Comparative studying will of course be important in this regard. Because it is fellowship and togetherness which promotes unselfishness and altruism and all good things. It is not division between people which nurtures the good in society. But, some like to gather and others they scatters.

What do you my dear readers think?
Should you continue with "business as usual" or get of that lazy chair and get with it and gather true altruism instead of scattering compassion into tons of sects on this planet? And would you dare call that conclusion of yours - altruism?

Should we not again and again encourage such a gathering together of all the sects and religious groups?
Why not, why not indeed?

To remain silent or inactive on these questions cannot be in accordance with compassion as far as I can tell. But you say you truly know different?
Well have you not already arranged such a meeting?
Is - the solution? Or the Parliament of the World Religions? Or....the original non-sectarian Theosophical Society as given in 1875-1891?
Are they useful or not? And why not?

The down-to-earth psychologists are watching the New Age saying that many sects are creating psychological problems for themselves. They are saying that a high number of sects are more or less involved with the use of subtle Mind Control. (See Cult Tactics & Mind Control - B.I.T.E. - ) 
- Do you at all understand this video? Are you - really - sure that you are not involved in an organisation using subtle Mind Control? Are you saying: Do not mind, do not care?

The religious landscape year 2011 can with out question be said to be many-fold, and that we - so-called - modern human beings no longer identifies ourselves with one single set of dogmas or one single iron-cast defined religious system. Instead we create a spiritual patchwork which forms our world views ---- knitted together they are from  several of the sects so prevalent in the New Age consumer market or one of the religious sects as such. Some psychologists talk about the Protean Self.

What do you think?
Are you promoting altruism by your behaviour?
Or have you finally yielded to aim of promoting as many the Sectarian schemes as possible and call this altruism?

How can it be compassionate to be so totally silent and inactive about something so serious and important?

These were some questions and views which arrived to me. I do hope that you can use them to something good.
Either as they are or in a reformulated version.

M. Sufilight

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