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Re: - Evolution of bodies

Sep 13, 2011 10:18 AM
by nigel_healy

"We find constantly in Mrs.Besant and Mr.Leadbeater, under a great show
of high moral aspirations, the reality of an actual moral and
intellectual fall. Much emphasis is placed on "liberty of thought" and
at the same time the intellectual desertion of this principle is
preached in counseling members to give blind obedience to "the least
hint which falls from the lips of Mrs.Besant," and to follow her
implicitly whether she is understood or not....We see clearly that the
fruits are precisely those we should expect from the seed; the terrible
danger of this method can neither be misunderstood nor denied...[we
must] never lend ear to the words which in this school quite naturally
take the place of the honest and right act, and so turn attention from
the moral ugliness of the actions performed.... Acts alone show forth
morality, not attractive formulas flowing from literary or oratorical
talent. The constant declaration of liberty of thought, of human
brotherhood, cannot impress us when the actions of those who delight in
them enslave thought, persecute merit, seek to poison souls by flimsy
and deceptive spiritual pronouncements...
    It is a painful duty to have to press the point with such insistence.
But now that we are facing the consequences of the Leadbeater method on
the mental character of the clairvoyant, our warnings in reference to
still more serious harm will not appear exaggerated.
    We know that the higher regions of the invisible worlds are those in
which "consciousness" manifests itself principally in the most intense
awareness of moral beauty.
    Since this is so, the cultivation of the non-moral clairvoyance could
only attain results in the lower regions of the astral world... the
organ of clairvoyant sight, when developed according to certain methods,
will be blind to the moral outline of subtle worlds, and will thus be
cut off from all their truly spiritual content. The field of their
experiences will be limited to the lower regions of the astral plane.
    And it is these lower visions, more frequently experienced because of
their affinity to elements in the vehicles of the investigator not yet
purified, that will be presented as the most sublime images of the
higher worlds. For such a clairvoyant is deprived of the high morality
which is the force leading our "bodies" by affinity towards truly
spiritual Beings[e.g., the Masters in Their Mahatmic "bodies".-A.L.C.]
Deprived of the standard of comparison that these provide, he will be
the victim of all the illusions of a world that is the veritable
motherland of illusions, for human errors are but the faint reflection
of these. Since the sense of responsibility, which is essentially moral
in origin [H.P.Blavatsky says;" The sense of responsibility is the
beginning of Wisdom." A.L.C.] will equally fail him, he will have no
scruple in sharing his illusions with all, in making known his
misleading experiences - the less since the forces, whose sport he is,
push him irresistibly to this. Are they not in truth the adversaries of
the divine scheme of evolution, the servants and sowers of error and
immorality the world over?"  M.Levy
(H.P.Blavatsky A Great Betrayal (1922) Alice Leighton Cleather)

--- In, Anand Gholap <AnandGholap@...> wrote:
>�- Online Most Resources on
> "Try to realize that when a man leaves his physical body and opens his
> to astral life, his first sensation is of the intense vividness and
> of that life, so that he thinks 'Now for the first time I know what it
is to
> live'. But when in turn he leaves that life for the higher one, he
> repeats the same experience, for this life is in turn so much fuller
and wider
> and more intense than the astral that once more no comparison is
> And yet there is another life beyond all this, unto which even this is
> as moonlight unto sunlight; but it is useless at present to think of
> There may be many to whom it sounds absurd that a realm of thought
should be
> more real than the physical world; well, it must remain so for them
until they
> have some experience of a life higher than this, and then in one
moment they
> will know far more than any words can ever tell them. On this plane,
> we find existing the infinite fullness of the Divine Mind, open in all
> limitless affluence to every soul, just in proportion as that soul has
> himself to�receive. If man had already completed his destined
evolution, if
> he had fully realized and unfolded the divinity whose germ is within
him, the
> whole of this glory would be within his reach; but since none of us
has yet
> done that, since we are only gradually rising towards that splendid
> it comes that none as yet can grasp that entirely, but each draws from
it and
> cognizes only so much as he has by previous effort prepared himself to
> Different individuals bring very different capabilities; as the
eastern simile
> has it, each man brings his own cup, and some of the cups are large
and some
> are small, but small or large, every cup is filled to its utmost
> the sea of bliss holds far more than enough for all."
> Complete book can be read at
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