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Some thoughts on Internet use and TS

Sep 13, 2011 09:27 PM
by MKR

Recently when I was browsing around in Internet, I was shocked to find that
in one of the English speaking countries where Theosophy had a lot of
adherents for a long time, only 8% of the members were active in the
Internet forum setup for its members.

Such a low level of activity is something that needs to be looked into. It
cannot be just be due to lack of access to Internet or the age of the

Those of us who have been following the developments in the TS since 2007
elections, are well aware that the leaders around the world are paying lip
sympathy to one of the most critical issues, namely steady decline in
membership everywhere except in India. This trend continues in spite of
dedicated, scholarly, professorial, occult, etc leadership. But a lot of
activity went behind the scenes among leaders from various countries in
trying to influence members to defeat the sitting president using the ruse
that she is sick both physically and mentally, failing which, accusing that
Indian Section did not follow correct voting procedures and this having no
traction among members, an ultra secret attempt was made by a few leaders to
seize power by disenfranchising members.

Internet has become integrated with the daily lives of everyone, much like
the use of other modern conveniences. The future growth of TS cannot be
achieved by ignoring Internet as a tool to further the objects of TS. All
one needs to do is to look at the funds spent on Internet applications by
the Sections in the West. One will be convinced of the lip service paid as
reflected in the paltry sums spent.

Is it not time for the International General Council to discuss what the
Sections can do to use Internet as a tool to further the objects of TS? Due
to the ultra secrecy of the agenda and proceedings of the GC meetings,
members have no clue to what critical issues they address in their meetings.

If we continue the current trend of ignoring Internet as a tool, all we will
see is continued shrinkage of membership outside India and rapid increase in
the money in the banks as old members die bequeathing their wealth to TS.


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