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Sep 12, 2011 04:01 AM
by Anand Gholap - Online Most Resources on Theosophy

"Try to realize that when a man leaves his physical body and opens his consciousness 
to astral life, his first sensation is of the intense vividness and reality 
of that life, so that he thinks 'Now for the first time I know what it is to 
live'. But when in turn he leaves that life for the higher one, he exactly 
repeats the same experience, for this life is in turn so much fuller and wider 
and more intense than the astral that once more no comparison is possible. 
And yet there is another life beyond all this, unto which even this is but 
as moonlight unto sunlight; but it is useless at present to think of that. 
There may be many to whom it sounds absurd that a realm of thought should be 
more real than the physical world; well, it must remain so for them until they 
have some experience of a life higher than this, and then in one moment they 
will know far more than any words can ever tell them. On this plane, then, 
we find existing the infinite fullness of the Divine Mind, open in all its 
limitless affluence to every soul, just in proportion as that soul has qualified 
himself to receive. If man had already completed his destined evolution, if 
he had fully realized and unfolded the divinity whose germ is within him, the 
whole of this glory would be within his reach; but since none of us has yet 
done that, since we are only gradually rising towards that splendid consummation, 
it comes that none as yet can grasp that entirely, but each draws from it and 
cognizes only so much as he has by previous effort prepared himself to take. 
Different individuals bring very different capabilities; as the eastern simile 
has it, each man brings his own cup, and some of the cups are large and some 
are small, but small or large, every cup is filled to its utmost capacity; 
the sea of bliss holds far more than enough for all."

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