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Need to open up Theosophical Forums

Sep 07, 2011 09:31 PM
by MKR

>From day 1 of Internet, various Section leaders found it hard to reconcile
themselves with the basic open culture of Internet as well as total freedom
for users to think and comment loud on any matter or any personality. One of
the responses we have seen over the years, is with the exception of one or
utmost two, all leaders systematically boycotted all open Internet forums.
And of course, those who look to them for spiritual or temporal or
organizational leadership or even room and board, blindly took the cue and
followed leaders. You do not have to take my word for it. Just browse the
forums dealing with theosophical material, both on tenets as well as
organizational matters and come to your own conclusion.

While on one hand, they avoided these open forums, Internet email is the
preferred mode of communications and we have seen this extensively used
during the last International Election and the subsequent attempt to
disenfranchise all of us and seize the power of appointing the International

While Theosophy and TS are international and universal, of late there are
indications of more national outlook rather than International outlook. I
guess the run of the mill and organizational members tend to follow and
imitate the leaders, just like in any other spiritual organization.

A classic example is the fact there are only two really open forums on
Internet for anyone interested in theosophy and related matters to discuss
and exchange ideas. They are the ning site and theos-talk
in Yahoo Groups. Both are run by volunteers and funded by volunteers. So,
both maintain their independence.

Most of the forums on Internet sponsored by organizations are closed to
mostly those within the geographical boundaries of respective countries.

The proof of the pudding is in eating - as the saying goes. When critical
issues come up - typically not in the best interests of theosophists and
detrimental to TS, and usually self-serving those in control of bank
accounts, it is these independent Internet Forums are the tools of salvation
and protection of TS.

This was amply proven by the events starting with election of the
International President in 2008, where theos-talk was instrumental in
disseminating true facts to members so that they can judge the facts
themselves and exercise their franchise without falling prey to propaganda
and misleading info. It was also theos-talk which averted a catastrophic
change in the direct election of the International President by disclosing
the ultra secret move by some top leaders to disenfranchise all members. Of
course it was a shock and awe when the ultra secret move was made known to

I think it is time to those who administer various theosophical forums to
open up and make them truly universal and not national or regional. No one
should be afraid of the bright light of Truth that will dispel all the
machinations that may go on in darkness.


There is no religion higher than Truth

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