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Re: theos-talk New website launched by Anand Gholap

Sep 07, 2011 09:28 AM
by MKR

Thanks for the info on the new website.


On Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 9:23 AM, Anand Gholap <> wrote:

> **
> "Taking the ego for the moment as the real man, and looking at him on his
> own plane, we see him to be indeed a glorious being; the only way in which
> down here we can form a conception of what he really is, is to think of him
> as some splendid angel. But the expression of this beautiful being on the
> physical plane may fall far short of all this; indeed, it must do so -
> first, because it is only a tiny fragÂment; and secondly, because it is so
> hopelessly cramped by its conditions. Suppose a man put his finger into a
> hole in the wall, or into a small iron pipe, so that he could not even bend
> it; how much of himself as a whole could he express through that finger in
> that condition? Much like this is the fate of that fragment of the ego which
> is put down into this dense body. It is so small a fragment that it cannot
> represent the, whole; it is so cramped and shut in that it cannot even
> express what it is. The image is clumsy, but it may give some sort of idea
> of the relation of the personality to the ego.
> Let us suppose that the finger has a considerable amount of consciousness
> of its own, and that, being shut off from the body, it temporarily forgets
> that it is part of that body; then it forgets also the freedom of the wider
> life, and tries to adapt itself to its hole, and to gild its sides and make
> it an enjoyÂable hole by acquiring money, property, fame and so on - not
> realising that it only really begins to live when it withdraws itself from
> the hole altogether, and recognises itself as a part of the body. When we
> draw ourselves out of this particular hole at night and live in our astral
> bodies, we are much less limited and much nearer to our true selves, though
> we still have two veils - our astral and mental bodies - which prevent us
> from being fully ourselves, and so fully expressing ourselves. Still, under
> those conditions we are much freer, and it is much easier to comprehend
> realities"
> Complete book can be read at
> Best wishes.
> Anand Gholap

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