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Reminiscences of life in Adyar TS Estate in 1930s

Jun 21, 2011 09:03 PM
by MKR

Reminiscences of life in Adyar TS Estate in 1930s

Here is an account of the life in the Adyar TS Estate in 1930s. It was
bustling with activity and with  many well known visitors. Much of this was
the result of Annie Besantâs involvement in the political and social
activities in addition to TS activities. One lesson that we can learn is
that there is no point in theosophists isolating themselves and with no
amount of meditation and concentration and other song and dance, we cannot
spread theosophy and its doctrines and tenets having an impact on the
masses. The sorry state of affairs in terms of steady decline in the
visibility and membership is simply because of the disconnect with the local

Enjoy the reminiscence article at:



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