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Presenting theosophy to the world

Jun 20, 2011 08:46 AM
by MKR

For the future growth of TS and popularization of theosophy, contact and
exposure to the public is needed. In the past we had travelling lecturers
who helped to bring attention to theosophy to the populations and in the
recent decades it has disappeared in the United States. Activities and
expenditures of the TS is more centered at Wheaton and this is not yielding
results as evidenced by the membership going South very fast. During the
time of Dora Kunz there were 8,000 members and now we have less than half.
>From whatever angle you look at, drop in membership is surely a significant
issue and it is such a hot potato that no one wants to discuss about it.

Recently a friend of mine was talking about the Four Day Music and Yoga
Festival this weekend at Stratton Mountain Ski Resort in Bondville in
Vermont. The four-day event will feature innovative artists, top yoga
instructors, and a range of outdoor activities  Many groups with interest in
Eastern Religions and Yoga are scheduled. Even Deepak Chopra is a guest
speaker. About 5,000 people are expected to attend the festival each day.
Another such gathering is scheduled soon in California.

Several groups are going to have booths during the festival. It would be a
good idea if TS can participate and make theosophical material available.
This will give good exposure to theosophy and TS. Since TS is a tax exempt
organization, there is a good possibility of getting a discounted deal. If
only TS is interested, contacts can be provided.

It is time to take the song and dance out to places where people interested
in spiritual stuff congregate as it would give a better exposure to
theosophy and TS. I hope the leaders and decision makers think in terms of
21st century about presenting theosophy to the masses.


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