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Self publishing writer becomes million seller with book priced at 0.99

Jun 22, 2011 05:58 AM
by MKR

Self publishing writer becomes million seller with book priced at 0.99

I saw a recent article on how an entrepreneur has turned the writing world
upside down by becoming the first author to sell more than a million
electronic books without a publishing deal. His book is sold for 0.99 on
Kindle by Amazon of which his profit was 0.35 for each book sold.

The significant fact need to be noted is the pricing of 0.99, which to a
traditional author or publisher should seem foolish. But that is where it is
heading. Coupled with the fact that many programs for wireless devices are
selling at 0.99 in huge numbers, seem to indicate that this market is here
to stay and grow.

Theosophical authors and publishers, who, in recent days tend to come out
with pricey books which most of the theosophical students (especially
outside the West) simply cannot afford. The authors and publishers should be
guided not by the accountants but real theosophists who are out to
popularize theosophy to the masses and any profit is simple by product.

Unless the new business model is used, it is only a question of time that
hard back publishing efforts will go bankrupt because of the very small
market that attracts theosophical books. The following links provide full




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