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History can always show a lesson and also show us a fix for a problem

Jun 19, 2011 09:51 AM
by MKR

History can always show a lesson and also show us a fix for a problem.

Recently when I was reading the history of theosophy in the USA, I had a
chance to read about the events that led to the secession of the entire
American Section led by Judge.

Olcott was alive and was the President of TS(Adyar). Annie Besant was also
very active in popularizing theosophy. Soon after Olcott cancelled all the
charters issued to Section, Lodges and members who seceded. Few well known
member did not follow Judge.

What followed is interesting. Well known lecturers started traveling and
lecturing around the country, and gradually lodges and membership was built
and what we have today is the result of these travels and lectures. Well
into the time when John Coats was elected, this pattern continued and when
John was elected, he was on a lecture tour in Florida.

In subsequent years, the field work of traveling lecturers dwindled and now
almost non existent. Also noticeable is the trend in (a) downward slide in
membership and (b) more and more of members who are not connected a local
Lodge. Attempts were made to draw attention to theosophy through songs,
rituals and dances and the results speak for themselves. During Dora Kunzâs
time, the Section had 8,000 members and now it has less than half.

New leadership is going to take over soon. If the past trend continues, we
will see further shrinking of membership count and no one can be blamed
except the leadership. Let us not look at the Indian Section and its growth
and cry that they have an overwhelming role as to who is elected as the
International President.

Let us all pray that wisdom will dawn on the new leadership and turn the
membership trend around.


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