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Can wireless program pricing show the way to price publications?

Jun 19, 2011 09:29 AM
by MKR

Can wireless program pricing show the way to price publications?

We are all familiar with pricey computer programs pioneered in the PC era.
iPads, iPhones and other wireless devices have changed the landscape of
pricey programs.

This morning I ran into an article about top 10 programs used in iPads and
iPhone and several other wireless devices. What is to be noted is also the
fact that Apple Store from which iPad and iPhone users downloaded most of
the programs, had its retail store sales beat those of traditional well
known retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy. It is no wonder due to the
widespread use of these wireless devices.

When I looked at the top 10 down loaded programs, topmost two are priced at
0.99 each. Two others cost 1.99 and rest of them are free. One of free
programs is ad supported.

I think that the above trend seems to send a message to retailers in the
publishing industry as well. While the programs themselves are inexpensive,
the profit is made in the volume and other gadgets and accessories bought by
the users.

When we see very pricey theosophical publications, I wonder who the
publisher had in mind when the set the pricing of they did not think about
the audience but the cost accountants who had no clue to the mission of
theosophy and the purpose and objectives of the publication. Add to this is
the built-in resistance to move into digital world by making publications
available digital medium.

In the early days of theosophical movement, it was in the forefront of many
areas. Now, if you look at the continued drop in the membership, one
questions why it has fallen behind. Also what can be done to quickly bring
theosophy to the attention of the masses.

I think one good experiment is to offer some publications for download for
free or no more than 1.99. Unless there is a pilot test, who can foresee
what works and what kind of fine tuning is needed. Let us hope those whose
duty is to spur the interests in theosophy start thinking outside the box
and get moving.


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