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Some thoughts and problems and projects and solving them

Jun 19, 2011 06:20 AM
by MKR

Some thoughts and problems and projects

Anyone exposed to the tenets and doctrines of theosophy, is uniquely
situated to address problems and issues of general welfare. When a
theosophist looks at situations without biases and prejudices, one gets a
clear picture of the facts and forces at work, which may lead to better or
worse results.

When you look at the individuals responsible for great changes which
affected masses, outside of âreligiousâ thinkers, one class stand out. They
are those who had a formal legal training. While many have a dislike for
lawyers, simple fact is that many of those who changed the course of events
in the world were trained as lawyers and not intellectuals trained as
college professors.

Indian independence movement was lead by Mahatma Gandhi, who was trained as
a lawyer in London. What Independence did for India, is shown by the fact
that it is an economic power in the world in spite of lack of natural
resources. Many of his leading associates such as Jawaharlal Nehru, C
Rajagoplachari, etc. were also trained as lawyers. Mikhail Gorbachev, who
dismantled Soviet Union in a peaceful manner was also trained as a lawyer.

The other case which is closer to the hearts of theosophists is H S Olcott,
who was also trained as a lawyer and was a very successful one. He gave his
career and moved to India - a far off land about which not much was known to
him and for a âForlorn Hopeâ, because of his confidence in the wisdom of the
Inner Founders, one of whom personally visited him in NY and discussed the
project and the rewards in the future if the project succeeds. There were
hundreds of professors, intellectuals, sadhus, vegetarians who could have
been selected to launch TS; but Olcott was chosen and he succeeded in his
aim to establish TS world-wide.

The above meeting seem to point a very important aspect in dealing with key
issues or problems. There is no substitute to one-on-one personal meeting.
While the Adept had powers to communicate using super sensory powers, the
meeting dealt with very serious decisions and I think that the Inner Founder
decided that this is the only way it can be done efficiently and

We theosophists can benefit from the historical events. First is to
recognize that legal training is helpful in any enterprise affecting the
masses for their betterment. Secondly, complicated, complex, and serious
problems are more likely to be resolved in one on one interaction and not by
any other means. Most people in businesses where they deal with their
customers know this to be the fact and more widely this is known, better it


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