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Dzyan Stanzas or merely Gupta-Vidya on display at the British Museum?

Jun 19, 2011 11:03 AM
by M. Sufilight

Dear friends

My views are:

The following excerpt point clearly to the view that Dzyan Stanzas are at display even in the British Museum today....

"Again the Alphabet of Thoth can be dimly traced in the modern Tarot which can be had at almost every booksellerâs in Paris. As for its being understood or utilized, the many fortune-tellers in Paris, who make a professional living by it, are sad specimens of failures of attempts at reading, let alone correctly interpreting, the symbolism of the Tarot without a preliminary philosophical study of the Science. The real Tarot, in its complete symbology, can be found only in the Babylonian cylinders, that anyone can inspect and study in the British Museum and elsewhere. Anyone can see these Chaldaean, antediluvian rhombs, or revolving cylinders, covered with sacred signs; but the secrets of these divining âwheels,â or, as de Mirville calls them, âthe rotating globes of Hecate,â have to be left untold for some time to come. Meanwhile there are the âturning-tablesâ of the modern medium for the babes, and the Kabalah for the strong. This may afford some consolation.
People are very apt to use terms which they do not understand, and to pass judgments on prima facie evidence. The difference between White and Black Magic is very difficult to realize fully, as both have to be judged by their motive, upon which their ultimate, though not their immediate, effects depend, even though these may not come for years. Between the âright and the left hand [Magic] there is but a cobweb thread,â says an Eastern proverb. Let us abide by its wisdom and wait till we have learned more.
We shall have to return at greater length to the relation of the Kabalah to Gupta-Vidya, and to deal further with esoteric and numerical systems, but we must first follow the line of Adepts in post-Christian times."

Compare the above with the following:

The Book of Dzyanâfrom the Sanskrit word âDhyÃnaâ (mystic meditation)âis the first volume of the Commentaries upon the seven secret folios of Kiu-te, and a Glossary of the public works of the same name. Thirty-five volumes of Kiu-te for exoteric purposes and the use of the laymen may be found in the possession of the Tibetan Gelugpa Lamas, in the library of any monastery; and also fourteen books of Commentaries and Annotations on the same by the initiated Teachers.
Strictly speaking, those thirty-five books ought to be termed âThe Popularised Versionâ of the Secret Doctrine, full of myths, blinds, and errors; the fourteen volumes of Commentaries, on the other handâwith their translations, annotations, and an ample glossary of Occult terms, worked out from one small archaic folio, the Book of the Secret Wisdom of the World*âcontain a digest of all the Occult Sciences. These, it appears, are kept secret and apart, in the charge of the Teshu-Lama of Shigatse. The Books of Kiu-te are comparatively modern, having been edited within the last millennium, whereas, the earliest volumes of the Commentaries are of untold antiquity, some fragments of the original cylinders having been preserved. With the exception that they explain and correct some of the too fabulous, and to every appearance, grossly-exaggerated accounts in the Books of Kiu-teâ"
.......and more......

What do you think?
Was the cylinders not the science on Gupta-Vidya - and is that not a part of the ancient Dzyan Stanzas?

M. Sufilight

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