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Finnish Section leading the way

May 31, 2011 07:15 AM
by MKR

Today, Internet is the medium of choice to quickly communicate any
information. Usually, the General Secretaries of Sections who attend the
annual General Council meeting at Adyar, take months to communicate with
members about the issues discussed and decisions taken. TS is supposed to be
a democratic open organization and quick communication with membership is to
be expected of the Section leaders. But this is not the case generally.
Since members do not take this seriously, this pattern of behaviour is
allowed to continue.

It was a breath of fresh air when I happened to visit the Finnish Section
ning site. Even though it is in Finnish, most browsers have built-in
translators to enable everyone to read. The Finnish General Secretary had
posted a short blog on what went on in the December GC meeting. It was
posted in February and she should be congratulated for showing the way to
rest of the world. I hope rest of the Sections follow her example and try to
use Internet to keep the members informed as events take place.


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