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The Bellman

Oct 24, 2010 06:44 PM
by Martin

The Bellman (Dutch: OM-Roeper ( Aum Caller)) is simply another  explanation for 
the Foolcard in the Tarot, and no one seems to  understand it symbolizes Shiva.
The Bells however are only one of the eternal attributes and when they  ring 
they are indeed a warning sign... of the opening of the Eye which  will destroy 
anything trying to block its Seeing...
You may recognize the above picture from another one which I will show here 
The Aum reflects the Spirit, the Soul and the Mind. When the connection  between 
these 3 is disturbed by outward influences and there is no way  the individual 
can relocate without criminalizing, the individuals third  eye will open and 
destroy everything in its path, that obstructs...
As you can see there is always a root to solid ground, however Earth has been 
playing with fire...
You can be asured everything that happened sofar in time (Shiva is lord of Time) 
was planned in His Game of Life or Leela...
But then The Fool is GOD? Well,  yes and no...He is God in you and me, playing 
Himself through the  Galaxies but He is also you and me when you have shown Him 
your equal...

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