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On going on GOD

Oct 17, 2010 06:42 AM
by Martin

On going on GOD

Before I will go more into detail on this topic, I have to copy an article here 
from Erica Georgiades, which she put on the Theosophical Network Pages where she 
in fact started a topic on "God". She is a member of T.A.K. ning as well.

Neither our philosophy nor ourselves believe in a God...

(I will not copy all of the content, just her summary)

The most controversial letter of the Mahatmas, was written by K.H. and  is 
posted below. Some of the main points stated on the letter are:

1. Neither their philosophy nor the Mahatmas believe in a God.
2. They deny the position of agnosticism.
3. They sustain there are planetary and other spiritual lives.
4. They assign to all the phenomena that proceed from the infinite and  
limitless space, duration and motion. This point of view is also in the  very 
heart of the S.D.
4. The God of the Theologians is simply an imaginary power ...a power which has 
never yet manifested itself.
5. Their chief aim is to deliver humanity of this nightmare [the belief  in 
God], to teach man virtue for its own sake, and to walk in life  relying on 
himself instead of leaning on a
theological crutch, that for countless ages was the direct cause of nearly all
human misery.
6. The belief in God is the cause of nearly all human misery.
7.They regard themselves as Pantheists.
8. The One Life is not related to the idea of God.
9. The Christian bible destroys all the moral perceptions heap upon him,  unless 
indeed they call those qualities perfections that every other  man's
reason and common sense call imperfections, odious vices and brutal wickedness.
10. The Christian Church is the fabulous Saturn, who begets children but to 
devour them.
11. They deny the absurd proposition that there can be, even in a  boundless and 
eternal universe -- two infinite eternal and omni-present  existences.
12. Matter is eternal and is Nature.

13. In their temples there is neither a god nor gods worshipped, only  the 
thrice sacred memory of the greatest as the holiest man that ever  lived.

14.The sum of human misery will never be diminished unto that day when  the 
better portion of humanity destroys in the name of Truth, morality,  and 
universal charity, the altars of their false gods.

Ok lets analyze:
Before we start note I do not see a definition of God, so we have to put  this 
letter in its right context, where Koot Hoomi is on an vibe with  Sinnett, which 
you can actually only feel. Koot Hoomi knew Sinnetts  "learned" image of God, 
put in his head by organized religion...
So if there is a definition of God, even if He doesn't exist I will give  it a 
go here, while you may understand when you read the whole letter  in fact Koot 
Hoomi does give a definition between the lines... Most of  the teachings they 
gave to humanity is in fact good concentration on  what they have written, since 
they know the Mind as Koot Hoomi claimed  and therefore in general know how to 
approach any human who doesn't...
The Mahatma's failed however to write the letters in a more universal  approach, 
since the people of today are much more enlightened than the  ignoramae in the 
19th century and as such could have destroyed the  letters, however they may 
have known people like me (I am not the only one)  would start huminizing not 
humanizing (pun intended towards A.O.Hume)  these famous Letters because of 
their value in the light of most  theosophists with the goal to break their 
egoistic emotional approach to  these artifacts.
Organized Religion is emotional gangbanging...religion is a private individual 
matter, more  secret than bedsecrets, therefore the power of the anonymous 
Internet  came at the rescue to create distance and at the same time be a tool 
of  sharing VIEWS on Religon.
Have a moments look at the following picture*:

Now check the following picture*:

...and finally the next*:

So, we landed at my definition:
G.O.D. is manmade, it is the game of life humans play at the cost of  others. A 
wise man once said: "a cruel god makes cruel men", I'd say God  is simply 
"brotherhood", born from love and entertaining "himself" with  the mind...born 
because of boredom.
Conscious Brotherhood is the Ultimate goal of all of Creation, it is an  eternal 
Birth (compare the word birth with breath ) of Love and Hate and  Matures in 
Harmony. So Brotherhood is already a fact in this Universe,  except Its 
inhabitants have not understood it...
Did I say This Universe?

I once carried a world on my shoulders and you know what?
It was nothing...since it was not my world!
Now I understood my own world is much, much more interesting to carry,  so I am 
getting ready to throw the worlds that aren't mine off from  me...but I wait to 
do so, since I do not like to injure others...

I keep on reminding myself every day of Nature (Nature means eternal  birth), it 
helps to tame the Ego: Nature is Master, Ego is only an Art, a  Game.
Ego/Mind = Illusion, It will never master Nature, It can only Mature  into 
Eternal Balance...reflecting the Unknown into Creation  infinitely...

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