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Eye of the HearT - Eye of the EartH

Sep 28, 2010 03:23 PM
by Martin

By being in vertical allignment, a  Buddha makes the cross or wheel of life to 
stop by spreading His Light  horizontally...thats why a Buddha is always equally 
understood by  everyone...

T.A.K. will never be an -ism, since when did tak-ism benefit all?
Buddha never became budhism for a Buddha is the end of the human line of 
So forget about budhism and focus on Who you really are not the -ism 
people try to convince you with!
You will never be a Buddha either...a Buddha will become you eventually!

If we understood we are in fact all avatars then ponder on the following:
Experiencing Mankind leads to contemplating Compassion of which Devotion to the 
One-Self is the highest Virtue... a life in pure Devotion to the Oneness in All, brings you the Oneness in 
The Buddha's Life was pure Devotion to the Oneness in All and He got what He 
Now let's change the above: a life in pure Active Devotion to All in  Oneness, 
will that bring us All @Oneness (check the above picture, since  it explains 
alot concerning "crucifixion")?
Brotherhood can only be obtained when all living beings share and  respect with takes a WHOLE Maha Manvantara to achieve  such a thing and only 
few Beings will sit out the whole ride...sad isn't  it?

Someone once asked me, why do you always look so armed to the teeth?
I simply replied, I am a lamb in wolfsskin...
But will you ever use your arms, he continued to ask...
Sure, I am a very good swimmer and I love wrestling.
You are pulling my legs, he then said.
How did you guess, I love rugby too :-)
...all kidding aside, I always wanted to become a surgeon and indeed I  am 
having exames at the moment...I specialized in cutting tumours from  worlds....

The  most important of all skills (or siddhi's) is the Natural* Developement  of 
the Eye of the Heart, when this Eye awakes, It becomes an Eye of the  Earth...
* Natural means "birth" and Nature is always in need to become Mature!

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