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Nature vs Mature

Sep 28, 2010 03:22 PM
by Martin

The  basic Law of the Universe is being unconditional, being unconditional  
brings you all you need for a living even if you have to work for it,  since our 
bodies need exercise and not sit behind a television. This is  why we need to 
develope the Arts. Respecting Earth comes by beautifying  It...
The Tree of Life arises in any being putting knowledge into action, it  breaks 
the wall of condition, since working for Life is so much  different than working 
for a living...
The wonderfull thing about living the Bodhi Tree of Wisdom is that  everything 
you touch or give shelter to matures in your presence and  then one day when you 
have grown old, you die with the experience of  giving love and life to all 
these creatures who once only read about you  through books and best of all is 
you give the experience to Earth as  Earth gave you your instrument to mature 
your own soul in the first  place...
Then you rest with the great ones and maybe one day Earth calls for you again...


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