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Longlifers not allowed

Sep 28, 2010 10:10 PM

Imo, Double breath just hasn't been scientifically documented yet - so few people know about it, I think, partly because there's real resistence reguarding this type of physical advancement/evolution (as to whether or not it is inappropriate for a man to evolve,) and partly because the people with these natural types of dispositions or apt are, well, damned if they do and damned if they don't - basically, they're just dead and buried.

And maybe it's just that much more horrible than finding out that the Earth isn't in the center of the Universe, dunno.

I'm sure you/we all know how the stories/histories/mythos go; Immortals/Gods, Immortal/God, Son of God/Son of Man, God in Heaven.  

Sure does look/sound like a pattern, and it could be quite sensible to assume such a lineage progressed like it does/did because those are stories and myth (aka not real.)

So, where are the Saints, The Buddhas, the Immortal, so on - a few thousand years later a/o in a great battle of Wills it may be kind of hard to tell, what is or isn't right or real.

Yup, I've just been reading a bit of Mythos tonight, can you tell? 
So far I'm up to the part where Cronos eats his children very, very slowly.  I'm guessing/hoping he blindfolds them first a/b thus far I haven't gotten to that part yet.  

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