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Re: theos-talk Some issues regarding discovery of SD owned by Einstein

Sep 15, 2010 12:46 PM
by M. Sufilight

I am seeking out the Akasha Records.
They come in as being more valuable. (smile.)

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That's about as easy as trying to find a stolen DaVinci painting already in the hands of a collector. We'll still keep hoping, of course. But, unless the current owner is an avowed theosophist and leaks out photocopies anonymously, I doubt that any of us will see what Einstein wrote in the margins in our lifetimes.

I'm just interested in who could have copped it after it was delivered to the Lodge in India?


On Sep 15, 2010, at 9/15/1012:32 AM, MKR wrote:

From the various sources, all available evidence points to the fact that
Einstein had a copy of Secret Doctrine and this should not surprise anyone. Now many theosophists are interested to track it down. If it is to be found, in all likely hood it would be in the library of an individual or that of an
organization. Even if we succeed in locating it, there are some very
difficult issues before it can see the light of the day. I feel this way
based on the discovery of the transcript of the discussions HPB had in
London Lodge. Let me share my analysis of the atmosphere in which
theosophists are operating.

It was in 2004 or 2005, I heard some vague comments in cyberspace point to
some material in some one’s archives. There was no inkling of the kind of
material and what the issues surrounding them were.

When the recent publication of transcription and explanation of the
discussions HPB was announced, and subsequent discussions on the publication convinced me that the subject of the material was indeed HPB’s discussions.

The publishing industry had radically changed since the time of HPB. When it became clear that the unpublished material is indeed genuine transcripts, no one in the know made any attempt to alert theosophists about the discovery.
Those in the know kept it to the vest. In today’s Internet world,
dissemination of the information is quick and free. The theosophists
involved should have made all of us aware of the discovery.

Once the material is legit, it could have been photocopied and scanned and
uploaded to Internet for all of us read them. It was not done. No one knows why. It is to be recalled that the discussions took place not among members
pledged to secrecy or confidentiality. Nor the material was marked as
Private or Confidential. I am sure HPB’s intent was to make her discussions
available to anyone interested in theosophy so she would not have objected
to their publication even if she is alive.

If the original material was available on the Internet, each earnest
theosophist who had the time an interest to read them, would have
contributed their interpretation and explanation for the benefit of
theososphists world-wide. Multiple source of explantion and interpretation
would have been lively and contributed much to theosophical literature.

Explaining and discussing the material while scholars and historians and
theosophists are good. However, discussion by an Intuitionist or an
Occultist would be more valuable than any one else because head learning and simple intellectual analysis and explanation would have serious shortcoming
no matter how famous the theosophical author is.

It almost took five or more years to see the material in print. I am sure
there was discussion going on behind the scenes as to who should be given
the task of writing a book transcribing and explaining the material and of
course the typical political and business considerations would have been
integral to the decision about the author to be used and who should publish
it. Finally when it was published, it was too pricey to many theosophists
around the world living on modest means. Thus the book is going to reach not
many theosophists.

Today, with free availability of Internet, when the production of the work
was going on, it could have been serialized and distributed on Internet over
a period of time so all of us could be reading it in small chunks.  No one
in the top decision making chain seems to have considered this option. It is a pity that a great opportunity was missed due to lack of creative thinking
motivated to disseminate information to widest possible audience.

The SD copy Einstein owned and perhaps made a lot of marginal comments, will be a priceless one worth millions of dollars. So anyone who gets hold of it
is likely to store it in a vault for its material value and not what is
contained in it. Hence, as soon as the copy is located, I think the entire
book should be scanned into a computer file and distributed on Internet.
This would ensure that anyone interested in it would be able to access it at
no cost.

Let us keep look for the SD and hope we find it soon.


There is no religion higher than Truth

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