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Re: Some issues regarding discovery of SD owned by Einstein

Sep 15, 2010 12:49 PM
by Daniel

MKR, you write in part about the HPB material recently published:

It was in 2004 or 2005, I heard some vague comments in cyberspace point to some material in some one's archives. There was no inkling of the kind of material and what the issues surrounding them were.

When the recent publication of transcription and explanation of the
discussions HPB was announced, and subsequent discussions on the publication convinced me that the subject of the material was indeed HPB's discussions.

The publishing industry had radically changed since the time of HPB. When it became clear that the unpublished material is indeed genuine transcripts, no one in the know made any attempt to alert theosophists about the discovery.

Those in the know kept it to the vest. In todayâ??s Internet world,
dissemination of the information is quick and free. The theosophists
involved should have made all of us aware of the discovery.

MKR, I'm sorry to say that this is NOT accurate.  NOT accurate at all.  And I am surprised that you are writing it.  

In the pages of THEOSOPHICAL HISTORY IN 2002 I alerted the public to such materal and clearly identified what the material was.

And for years I ALSO had on my website this announement.  

It was announced at in 2002.

For example, this is what the announcement page looked like in 2005:

ALSO ON THEOS-TALK I ANNOUNCED THIS.  For example here is one of my postings from 2005:

Again 2006:

Scores of students over the years as a result of reading this above material would write me from time to time wanting an update on when the HPB material was to be published.

So maybe you were unaware of this material but it was publicized even on Theos-Talk.

An outline of how I discovered the manuscript, etc. can be found at:


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