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Re: Theos-World Alice Bailey & H.P. Blavatsky on the Christ

Apr 20, 2010 05:28 PM
by Cass Silva

There's a definite change in policy here!

>From: Daniel <>
>Sent: Wed, 21 April, 2010 1:04:40 AM
>Subject: Theos-World Alice Bailey & H.P. Blavatsky on the Christ
>Alice Bailey wrote:
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>They will prepare and work for conditions in the world in which
>Christ CAN MOVE FREELY among men, in BODILY Presence; He need not
>then remain in His PRESENT RETREAT in Central Asia....
>His reappearance and His consequent work cannot be confined to one
>small locality or domain, unheard of by the great majority, as was
>the case when He was HERE BEFORE. The radio, the press, and the
>dissemination of news, will make His coming different to that of any
>previous Messenger; the swift modes of transportation will make Him
>available to countless millions, and by boat, rail and plane they can
>REACH Him: THROUGH TELEVISION, His FACE can be made familiar to all,
>and verily "every eye shall see Him" [on the tv screen??].
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>The Reappearance of the Christ - Chapter II - The World Today
>H.P. Blavatsky wrote in December 1887:
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>In CARNALIZING the central figure of the New Testament, in imposing
>the dogma of the Word MADE FLESH, the Latin Church sets up a doctrine
>diametrically opposed to the tenets of Buddhist and Hindu Esotericism
>and the Greek Gnosis. Therefore, there will always be an abyss
>between the East and the West, as long as neither of these dogmas
>yields. Almost 2,000 years of bloody persecution against HERETICS
>and INFIDELS by the Church looms before the Oriental nations to
>prevent them from renouncing their philosophic doctrines in favor of
>that which degrades the CHRISTOS principle. [372-373]
>...Whether it be Krishna, Buddha, Sosiosh, Horus or Christos, it is a
>universal PRINCIPLE. . .
>...the Christians, by localizing and isolating this great Principle,
>and denying it to any other man except Jesus of Nazareth (or the
>Nazar), CARNALIZE the Christos of the Gnostics; that alone prevents
>them having any point in common with the disciples of the Archaic
>Wisdom. . . . [374]
>. . . I have not the slightest intention of hurting the feelings of
>those who believe in Jesus, the carnalized Christ, but I feel myself
>compelled to emphasize our own belief. . . .
>. . . It is in this ancient wisdom, and in the Christos of the
>Gnostics under its various names, that the Theosophists, disciples of
>the Mahatmas, believe. . . . [385]
>. . . true Theosophists will never accept ...a Christ made
>Flesh. . . .[390]
>Quoted from H.P. Blavatsky's COLLECTED WRITINGS, Volume VIII.
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>H. P. Blavatsky in her E.S. Instruction No. I., 1889 wrote:
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>". . . A new and rapidly growing danger. . . is threatening . . . the
>spread of the pure Esoteric Philosophy and knowledge. . . . I
>allude to those charlatanesque imitations of Occultism and
>Theosophy. . . . By pandering to the prejudices of people, and
>especially by adopting the FALSE IDEAS of a personal God and A
>PERSONAL, CARNALIZED SAVIOUR, as the groundwork of their teaching,
>the leaders of this 'swindle' (for such it is) are endeavoring to
>draw men to them and in particular to turn Theosophists from the true
>path." Caps added.
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>Elsewhere HPB wrote:
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>"Wherever [genuine] Theosophy spreads, there it is impossible for the
>deluded to mislead, or the deluded to follow. It opens a new path, a
>forgotten philosophy which has lived through the ages, a knowledge of
>the psychic nature of man, which reveals alike the true status of the
>Catholic saint, and the spiritualistic medium the Church condemns. It
>gathers reformers together, throws light on their way, and teaches
>them how to work towards a desirable end with most effect, but
>forbids any to assume a crown or sceptre, and no less delivers from a
>futile crown of thorns. Mesmerisms and astral influences fall back,
>and the sky grows clear enough for higher light. It hushes the "Lo
>here! and lo there!" and declares the Christ, like the kingdom of
>heaven, to be within. It guards and applies every aspiration and
>capacity to serve humanity in any man, and shows him how. It
>overthrows the giddy pedestal, and safely cares for the human being
>on solid ground. Hence, in this way, and in all other ways, it is the
>truest deliverer and saviour of our time.
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>http://blavatsky. net/blavatsky/ arts/ModernApost lesAndPseudoMess
>Again HPB wrote:
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>". . . "the coming of Christ," means the presence of CHRISTOS in a
>regenerated world, and NOT at all the actual coming in body
>of "Christ" Jesus; . . . this Christ is to be sought neither in the
>wilderness nor "in the inner chambers," nor in the sanctuary of any
>temple or church built by man; for Christ--the true esoteric SAVIOUR--
>is no man, but the DIVINE PRINCIPLE in every human being. He who
>strives to resurrect the Spirit crucified in him by his own
>terrestrial passions, and buried deep in the "sepulchre" of his
>sinful flesh; he who has the strength to roll back the stone of
>matter from the door of his own inner sanctuary, he has the risen
>Christ in him. The "Son of Man" is no child of the bond-woman-- flesh,
>but verily of the free-woman-- Spirit, the child of man's own deeds,
>and the fruit of his own spiritual labour."
>"Many and many a time the warning about the "false Christs" and
>prophets who shall lead people astray has been interpreted by
>charitable Christians, the worshippers of the dead-letter of their
>scripture, as applying to mystics generally, and Theosophists most
>especially. The recent work by Mr. Pember, "Earth's Earliest Ages,"
>is a proof of it. Nevertheless, it seems very evident that the words
>in Matthew's Gospel and others can hardly apply to Theosophists. For
>these were never found saying that Christ is "Here" or "There," in
>wilderness or city, and least of all in the "inner chamber" behind
>the altar of any modern church. Whether Heathen or Christian by
>birth, they refuse to materialise and thus degrade that which is the
>purest and grandest ideal--the symbol of symbols--namely, the
>immortal Divine Spirit in man, whether it be called Horus, Krishna,
>Buddha, or Christ."
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>http://blavatsky. net/blavatsky/ arts/EsotericCha racterOfTheGospe ls.htm
>Daniel Caldwell
>Blavatsky Archives


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