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President Obama's use of Blackberry

Apr 02, 2010 06:53 AM
by MKR

President Obama is the first President to use Blackberry and The embrace of
technology was widely credited with helping Obama build up grass roots
support that helped propel him to the White House and has been a continuing
trend of the Obama administration.

While in the early days of theosophy, it was at the forefront of using
whatever technology that was then available, now, it is seems to be at the
trailing edge and this can be due to the leadership being very old and
followers imitating them. (When did you see any organizational theosophist
on this list?) I even had personal experience with some of the leaders who
some years ago would not even use fax or email, but stick to paper, of
course the paper cost was paid from the coffers of the organization and not
from their pockets..

Use of modern technology is essential if you need to connect with the
younger generation and I hope this is recognized soon. If not, with the
forced cancelling of charters we are witnessing and lack of growth of
membership in most countries, we will end up with a winding down trend with
a lot of money in the bank but no life in TS due to lack of motivated

Here is an article on how Obama uses his Blackberry:


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