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A Psychological Key to The Secret Doctrine (Part 2)

Jan 31, 2010 06:11 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear friends

My views are:

Here is an article in embryo form. I might use it later in a book...

A Psychological Key to The Secret Doctrine

Part 2
Thought Control - Keeping the light - Disclosure Project
(Brainwashing and the Manchurian Candidate)

Religious Conversions or emotional attractions:
We might even go and ask ourselves the reasons for various individuals religious conversions to this or that of the New Religious groups, certain Esoterical groups as well as the worlds Major religions in this our physical world. And ask ourselves whether each of them or us were persuaded to join through the use of fear-techniques or similar. Such fear-techniques using the doctrine of an eternal-hell of damnation and fire was used by more than one Christian Priest through the centuries. One of the more "successful" ones was the Methodist John Wesley (1703-1791). I could mention others, but I will use him as an example so to forward certain views, which might be worthwhile considering.

John Wesley's doctrines:
Wesley believed that the living core of the Christian faith was revealed in Scripture. 
His view was that the Bible was the sole foundational source of theological or doctrinal development.

Here are a few words baed on the words of John Nelson:
"As soon as he (Wesley) got upon his stand, he stroked back his hair, and turned his face towards me where I stood, and I thought fixed his eyes upon me. His countenance struck such an awful dread upon me, before I heard him speak, that it made my heart beat like the pendulum of a clock; and when he did speak, I thought his whole discourse was aimed at me." 
(W. Sargant "Battle for the Mind", p. 89)

One might add, that this is not something particular for the Methodists or John Wesley. Because, as far as i am concerned, one can find out that various religious leaders often have a stronger impact upon their followers or audience than they might expect themselves. And that also goes within the New age groups, psycholigical and esoterical groups of various kinds. This present one included.

I would say with regard to New Age groups and psychological and spiritual betterment groups, that the bitter truth is that before one can know ones own inadequacy, or the competence of another woman/man or institution, one must first learn something which will enable oneself to perceive both. Note well that this perception itself is a product of right study; not of instinct or emotional attraction to the
individual, nor yet of desiring to 'go it alone'. This is 'Learning How To Learn.

As long as one have difficulties in understanding the difference and similarities between the High Mass of the Orthodox, a bingo competition, or wearing your proper "masonry" ring at the local TS Convention, or Shouting outloud the Great Invocation in the Alice A. Bailey sceances so to persuade a very physical male Christ to walk among men in the flesh, one could be suggested to study more before establishing one self as a genuine spiritual teacher.

Is it so, that when most spiritual teachers stand on the platform throwing their best yearly lecture to a crowd of say 100 persons, - that they are ignoring the fact, that they - in most cases - are simply only doing something merely constituting to Psychoteraphy, social service and perhaps even entertainment?

And all this might be well and good. But why should we call it a spiritual activity and not a psychological one?

The Wisdom Teachers have through the centuries sought to forward the fact, that and spiritual Teacher who is obessed with teaching, simply because it has grown into a habit instead of a real genuine spiritual and compassionate activity, not necessarily is a good spiritual teacher.

- - -

An esoterical seeker once said:
What you may take to be attractive, or even spread out by us to be attractive to you, may well not be intended in this manner at all. That which attracts you, or others, about us may be that which is laid down by us as a tool which enables us to regard you (or others) as unsuitable.

M. Sufilight

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