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A Psychological Key to The Secret Doctrine (Part 1)

Jan 31, 2010 06:10 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear friends

My views are:

Here is an article in embryo form. I might use it later in a book...

A Psychological Key to The Secret Doctrine

Part 1
Thought Control - Keeping the light - Disclosure Project
(Brainwashing and the Manchurian Candidate)

In these days where we in western countries witness a decline in the number of Church-goers in Orthodox Churches of Christianity and an increase in the numbers of persons dabbling with New Age, New Religious Movements, esoterical groups of so-called spiritual and psychological development we might ask ourselves the questions - Who is helping who? And what is actually going on?

Within the groups of spiritual and psychological development we find that the term "Thought Control", "Mind Control" or "Controlling the Mind" not seldom are referring to various spiritual techniques or psychological techniques, which help a given person towards a more compassionate and intelligent psychological or spiritual behaviour. And this is viewed as something positive, because it is viewed as leading the individual towards a better life whether it be psychologically or spiritually speaking. And this in return is viewed as a betterment of the human society in general. At least this is what one these days is lead to conclude by participating in various New Age groups and psychological development groups. Mind control is in these psychological and New Age circles not defined as something negative, but as a betterment of how the mind operates and a betterment of human life.

There are of course always the opposite angle. Mind Control might so to speak lead the individual to a kind over-controlling of his or her mind, whereby it is hampered, and the wellmeaning individual Mind Controller tends to get emotionally, mentally or morally stiff, or crystallizes or similar in his or her thought-patterns and behaviour.

The positive version of Mind Control is sometimes also referred to with the term "Keeping the Light" or to "Keep the Energies Flowing" or "To Transform the Light in the mind" and heart - to what is viewed as a higher vibration. And this implies a betterment of the individual Mind-Controllers well-being and overall life. Something which in return is viewed as almost inevitably to have a positive impact on the individual Mind-Controllers surroundings, friends and perhaps even our human society.

Interestingly we have that Wikipedia has a somewhat different view about Mind Control. 

I will here throw a short excerpt from the online page...

Mind Control
"The term mind control, also referred to as "brainwashing," "coercive persuasion," "thought reform," and the "systematic manipulation of psychological and social influence", refers to "a process in which a group or individual systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s), often to the detriment of the person being manipulated (according to Michael Langone)."[1] Various commentators[who?] identify broad ranges of psychological tactics seen as subverting individuals' sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions, or decision making.

Theories of brainwashing and of mind control originally developed to explain how totalitarian regimes appeared to succeed systematically in indoctrinating prisoners of war through propaganda and torture techniques. These theories were later expanded or modified to explain a wider range of phenomena, especially conversions to new religious movements (NRMs). Since their application to NRMs, mind control theories have become controversial within scientific and legal contexts;" 
(quoted January 2010)

Now the above from Wikipedia on Mind Control is a somewhat different and more negative view about Mind Control. Here we find that Mind Control is mentioned with regard to achieving control other human beings. This is definitely viewed as a negative and bad activity within many New Age circles, as well as the worlds major religions and in groups of psychological and spiritual betterment of life. It is at this place also interesting to keep in mind, that the psychological science on Mind Control and Brainwashing really got its great break-through after the year 1950.

Now these theories about the reality of brainwashing and similar are not endorsed in all respects in various western scientific studies and treatises these days. Yet there is a great deal of controversy about the level of validity surrounding this subject even among well-known scientists these days in our so-called elightened Western civilisation.

Yesterday 30th of January 2010 I and others saw a documentary on danish television channel DR2. I had the title "Forbrydelse under Hypnose". (ie. "Crime Under Hypnosis"). 

Here we witnessed how easily a hypnotist was able to persuade a person on the main street of Copehagen to by the use of hypnosis walk into a down town local bank with a pistol in his hand and when inside the bank shoot in the air with the gun and in return scare the shit out of the employed in the bank. And after that the person went into a trance as told by the hypnotist. 

Another example was a girl who was persuded by hypnosis to go into a shop and steal some jewellry and return with the goods outside the shop again. Both persons testified, that they normally would not do such things. Other similar experiments were shown in this documentary. The persons did not look hurt after the events has taken place. Yet, some of them could not at all remember what had happened.

And the fact is that they did, what they did. 

Now what to make of this?

Hypnosis is ordinarily not supported in esoterical groups - unless it is used as a special different klind of method for healing purposes. But, we find ourselves in a situation where the so-called thin red or yellow line of demarcation between good and bad, compassion and vice is being confronted.

- - -

An esoterical seeker once said:
What you may take to be attractive, or even spread out by us to be attractive to you, may well not be intended in this manner at all. That which attracts you, or others, about us may be that which is laid down by us as a tool which enables us to regard you (or others) as unsuitable.

M. Sufilight

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