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Brahmin Caste Issue

Jan 31, 2010 03:01 AM
by MKR

In some of the messages in the cyberspace, people have tried to connect
Brahmin caste issue with Radha Burnier. I have lived several years in India
and have visited many lodges and had been at Adyar, and the I have never
heard the caste issue of any one being a brahmin least of all Radha Burnier.
In the eyes of Indian members and even the public, this has never been an
issue with anyone in the TS.

In my opinion, it is simply an unfortunate self serving attempt by some
people to besmirch Radha Burnier in the minds of uninformed people,
especially those in the West who have no idea what is going on in India and
read what is on Internet.

It is time for some one to speak up. Just remember the Golden Stairs.


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