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Re: Theos-World Aging Leadership and Current Situation

Jan 31, 2010 03:18 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen


My views are:

"Continued silence will not make the issues and
problems go away."

I find this to be central to the problems facing The Theosophical Society Adyar.

Let me ask a few questions, which seem begging to be answered:

* Are there no members from TS Adyar on this forum, who can enlighten us - so we at least might understand, what kind of shortcircuit which has made this thundering silence come about?

* When did it begin?
* When did the honest debates on the Theosophist stop and come to a halt?
* Who were or was responsible for this?

Is a Universal Brotherhood promoted through silence?

M. Sufilight

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  Subject: Theos-World Aging Leadership and Current Situation

  Aging leadership did not arise overnight. It has been developing over the
  past several years. In some sections, such as the USA, the rules were
  tightened after the Bing episode (that is another story) so that it is very
  difficult for any promising young leader to move up quickly. Nor we have
  seen any concerted effort by anyone to identify and develop promising young

  Also, the GC members have been derelict in not raising the issue of
  developing young leaders because the future depends on them. If the same
  level of energy now being spent on lay men/womenâs hair splitting of rules
  and regulations, had been directed say a decade ago, on this serious issue,
  we now will have a choice of younger leaders to lead TS into the future.

  Recently, a theosophist mentioned that if you visit Krotona, it looks like a
  old age home with aged theosophists. To give some respectability, many
  residents are called âEldersâ. Anyone who has had a chance to read the
  history of Krotona which is fully depicted in Rossâ book, would realize that
  when it was established by Annie Besant, although independent of TS/TSA, it
  was to be a dynamic and vibrant place where only ES members are allowed to
  reside and help the growth of TS in America. The current situation should
  alarm even an ordinary member and raise a red flag in their minds.

  Having been blind to the current serious situation in TS, the events of last
  election, followed by the unsubstantiated allegations about the election in
  Indian Section, culminating in the ultra secret failed attempt to
  disenfranchise all members (behind the back of members) and seize control of
  the presidency, and the subsequent display of cleavage in the GC meeting,
  and many GC members from many European countries absent from recent
  convention, and with no sign of any effort by any GC member who opposed
  Radha Burnier in last election in coming up with creative plans to bring
  about quick cooperation and reconciliation, speaks for itself.

  With the above situation, all of the above has not helped either TS or
  theosophy. With Internet, anyone in the world can see what is going on. In
  my opinion, they have definitely hurt TS and theosophy and no one knows how
  long it would take to get out of the ditch into which both have fallen.
  Anyone who thinks all the above actions are helping TS and theosophy, should
  come out and convince the membership how these events have helped TS and
  theosophy move forward. Continued silence will not make the issues and
  problems go away. Also if there are any machinations behind the silence,
  they are not going to help TS and theosophy.

  If HPB and Olcott were to see what is going on, they would be turning in
  their graves.

  Let us hope and pray that everyone opens their eyes and hearts and sees the
  truth and put into practice what has been preached in various theosophical


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