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Jan 23, 2010 05:40 AM
by Martin

The continuing story of the Ego...

There is a wonderfull thing about Nature: It can Mature your
Ego...when this happens, you'll be at war constantly untill the Ego
yields completely...then Nature takes over and you'll become an active
TathÄgata (Devanagari: ààààà).
Literally, it means both one who has thus gone (TathÄ-gata) and one who has thus come (TathÄ-Ägata). and you know what has gone do you? The Ego! And what comes back? An
Arhat, some1 Who can live in Nirvana ( no Illusion ) as well as in Maya
( Illusion ) at the same time and is beyond human...and works 101 % in
line with Nature.
( It is asserted by some that the name really means one who has
found the Truth, one who has transcended the human condition, and is
beyond the otherwise endless cycle of rebirth, beyond all death and
dying, beyond all suffering.)

Remember Sweden is ruled by Aquarius, as is Holland, California and New Zealand...

( Thanks Baguaman for the link Ãnd inspiration, lets get the sheeple at it! )


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