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Re: Theos-World Adyar Convention Reporting

Jan 23, 2010 03:14 AM
by Martin

This is exactly the mystery of Aquarius: being an individual working for the whole of Humanity, whatever ( temporary ) organization...this is why the White Brotherhood is a Brotherhood of Humanity to reflect that GOD IS Brotherhood. 
So we'll see more groups of friends coming up worldwide, being individuals and yet you have the feeling there is a bigger picture we belong to...and the best thing is, real friendships cannot corrupt, they are forever!
Your friend, Martin :-)

From: preethi muthiah <>
Sent: Sat, January 23, 2010 12:01:02 PM
Subject: Re: Theos-World Adyar Convention Reporting


The more I look at organizations, the more convinced I seem to be that we do not need them. I think if we banned organizations worldwide and did individual work or worked with a group of friends informally, we might end up doing much better work for the world than we do as organizations supposed to be doing good work...


--- On Sat, 23/1/10, Martin <> wrote:

From: Martin <>
Subject: Re: Theos-World Adyar Convention Reporting
Date: Saturday, 23 January, 2010, 4:28 PM



      Darn Preethi, this is out of bounds....I remember me being banned at the TS Pasadena for being boisterous, lol...but your experience even includes socializing. ..weird times we live in, however Preethi, be comforted, there are many like us working for the Theosophical Cause, whatever organisation it uses as vehicle:)

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From: preethi muthiah <seeker_preethi@>

To: theos-talk@yahoogro

Sent: Sat, January 23, 2010 11:48:41 AM

Subject: Re: Theos-World Adyar Convention Reporting

Dear MKR,

I would just like to point out to you that I attended the Convention as every member's right to do so. The Administration at Adyar was definitely NOT doing me a favour.

The issues I have brought up, by the way, are issues that the founders would themselves raise, had they been alive. Neither of our founders were in favour of corruption, and it did not matter to them at what level these were practised. Corruption is corruption and it is an evil that must be rooted out. It is indeed sad to see that it exists in the TS, the founders of which are insulted daily by the current administration at Adyar, who instead of rooting it out, endorse it all because it is practised by the relatives of the President.

Also, Preethi was not allowed to stay on campus with her mother, Mrs Radha Muthiah, who still works at the TS, Adyar. And though Preethi was allowed to visit her mother, in the future, even that permission has been taken away.

You must read the Mahatma's Letters carefully, MKR, and you will find out that with a spiritual aspirant, every bad deed wipes out all the good ones. So, even if you want to be proud of Mrs Burnier allowing a member of the TS like Preethi Muthiah to attend the Convention, which by the way was Preethi Muthiah's right, you cannot run away from the fact that since Mrs Burnier did not allow me to stay with my mother, so the deed you mentioned gets wiped out and the balance is tilted towards the misdeeds...heavily indeed.

It is quite possible that Mrs Radha Burnier will now try to prevent Preethi from being a member of the TS...but that is her headache...not mine...My commitment to the Theosophical Cause remains unhindered, for I choose it to be so. She cannot own the Masters of the Wisdom nor the Wisdom Teachings. She cannot even actually own the Adyar Estate for it is not her property. If you will see the rules, you will realize that Adyar actually belongs to all the members of the TS, for out of our annual membership fee, a certain amount goes towards the upkeep and maintenance of the Adyar International Headquarters.

In effect, MKR, Mrs Radha Burnier in addition to all her other misdeeds of corruption etc. is also today party to the crime of keeping a member of the TS from her right to enter and live on the international HQ of the TS, Adyar, for the maintenance and upkeep of which the member pays annually a certain fee. By that account, MKR, Mrs Burnier is a thief. I hope that is not a matter of pride with you.



--- On Sat, 23/1/10, MKR <mkr777@gmail. com> wrote:

From: MKR <mkr777@gmail. com>

Subject: Theos-World Adyar Convention Reporting

To: "theos-talk" <theos-talk@yahoogro>

Date: Saturday, 23 January, 2010, 2:14 AM

When I suggested before the convention, if some one attending the convention

could report on the convention on Internet, I was thinking about a blog like

reporting, which in a journalistic point, be entertaining and informative. I

have seen in conventions, each day one or two page bulletin is issued

covering the dayâs summary. It is very disappointing that in this day and

age of computers and wifi, something that is easy to do was not done by any

one. By the way, Chennai is a hub of many computer establishments and so

there are ample wifi resources if anyone wanted to post anything on

Internet. I do not know what is happening in various countries when they

have their annual conventions.

It is heartening to see Preethi was allowed to attend the convention, as a

member, in spite of the various issues she had raised in the past and had to

move out of the Adyar Estate. This speaks very highly of the Adyar

administration and all of us should be proud of it. I doubt any other

organization would have allowed her to attend a convention.


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