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Some thoughts on current situation in TS

Jan 22, 2010 01:47 PM
by MKR

All of us who witnessed the events starting with the International President
election in 2008, ending with 2008 GC meeting which clearly displayed a
cleavage among the GC members. The secrecy with which it has always operated
has not helped members understand the cleavage and its leaders. By
displaying the cleavage, those who are supposed to disseminate the message
of theosophy, have deeply hurt the TS and theosophy in that any newbee
looking at the TS would wonder what is going on. On one hand, we talk about
Brotherhood, tolerance, altruism, Golden Stairs and on the other hand, the
cleavage does not jive with what we talk about.

Since the 2008 GC meeting, I was very optimistic that very deliberate steps
would be been taken by now by its members to reconcile and narrow whatever
philosophical or political differences they have. Mind you, the GC members
are not rookie young immature members of TS. Most have been around the TS
for long years and have worked very hard for theosophy and TS. Most also
have advanced to top levels in officially not connected organizations such
as the Esoteric Section and the Co-Masonry.

Anyone who has been in business or politics know that complex and difficult
issues can be resolved only in face to face discussions and interaction.
They cannot be resolved by writing letters or emails or telephonic
conversations. Since 2008 GC meeting, I have not seen any   efforts from
anyone. One wonders what is going on.

General Secretaries attend International Convention not for ceremonially
sitting on the dias during inauguration and offer greetings from their
countries.  Nor do they attend just to take part in the one day GC meeting.
It provides an opportunity for them to meet their counter parts from other
countries and interact and exchange ideas and develop creative ideas to
further the cause of theosophy and TS.

Only two General Secretaries from the countries which tried defeat Radha
Burnier attended the 2009 Convention. This demonstrates a great missed
opportunity for those who stayed home. They should have shown up and tried
to resolve whatever issues that bothered them. By staying home, how are they
helping the cause of theosophy or TS? I do not know.

Already the membership situation in countries outside India is in a sad
shape. They are either frozen or declining. In this day of Internet, it is
going to be very difficult to get the message of theosophy across to
potential new members. It is going to be a long time to come out of the
depressing situation that the events created by the leaders. Let us hope
they wake up and move quickly to get out of the current sad situation.


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