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Adyar Convention Reporting

Jan 22, 2010 12:44 PM
by MKR

When I suggested before the convention, if some one attending the convention
could report on the convention on Internet, I was thinking about a blog like
reporting, which in a journalistic point, be entertaining and informative. I
have seen in conventions, each day one or two page bulletin is issued
covering the dayâs summary. It is very disappointing that in this day and
age of computers and wifi, something that is easy to do was not done by any
one. By the way, Chennai is a hub of many computer establishments and so
there are ample wifi resources if anyone wanted to post anything on
Internet. I do not know what is happening in various countries when they
have their annual conventions.

It is heartening to see Preethi was allowed to attend the convention, as a
member, in spite of the various issues she had raised in the past and had to
move out of the Adyar Estate. This speaks very highly of the Adyar
administration and all of us should be proud of it. I doubt any other
organization would have allowed her to attend a convention.


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