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Dec 25, 2009 07:50 AM
by Christina

Maybe this research will be for your interest. It proves Genesis.
4 parts Video from Stan Tenen to be seen at:


--- In, Brad Crawford <thot369@...> wrote:
> Morten,
> I can't yet let this go.You referred me to pg.114S.D. You are right,HPB there says "nearly every one of the 22 hebrew letters are merely 
> phallic symbols."She shows ayin which is an eye, and tzadi, a fish hook. On pg.310 she goes on to saythe language of the Hierophants
> have seven dialects, each referring to one of the seven mysteries of Nature. She may well have taken this advice to mind, while seeing
> only phalluses in the 22 hebrew letters.
> Frankly, I have no idea how she comes to such an absurd conclusion.This is the alphabet the Hebrews took with them out of Babylon.
> Thir original alphabet was a cuniform script. The,now, Hebrew IS Chaldean.The Chaldeans droped it when they adopted the Arabic
> script.It is termed the FIRE-alphabet, letters of flame, not phallus-letters.
> She speaks of the degenerate nature of the Qabalistic system,only lower-level, metaphisics, but like you yourself said, the first vol.S.D. 
> is very qaballistic.There are seven keys of interpretation there as well as with other systems. If she failed to seek initiation into the 
> Greater Qabalistic mysteries, it is not the fault of the Qabalah. She preferred to pledge an oath to an Eastern Brother. Thats fine but,
> does not say there are none of the Greater Mysteries to be found in the Western Tradition. Do some research about the Cmt. St. Germain.
> Francis and Roger Bacon, Paracelsus,St. Martin, Bohme,etc.,etc. There are grand and Holy traditions regarding Qabalah, Rosicrucianism, and 
> Alchemy; most,thoroughly compatible with the Egyptian Hermeticism. There is much more there than poor phalicism.
> If that is all an Eastern student is able to see in it all, that really says nothing of the tradition itself. What you seem fond of calling Chaldean,
> if that is what was shown on your post of HPB's diagram, it IS identicle with the same "western" Qabalah, in which I have, to some degree,
> been instructed. Just because you are not fond of me saying so, doesn't change anything.
> I don't have any idea what "Chaldean" Qabalah differs from your"western" Qabalah. Anything about Qabalah in the Secret Doctrine,
> is entirely consistent with the instructions given me by my "western" qaballistic school. But, of course you are free to believe otherwise
> if you wish.I can't speak of why H.P.B. spoke so lowly of some "western" qabalah, and then write a book so consistent with thier 
> teachings. 
> I eagerly await some references to any non-hebrew, Chaldean Qabalah to which I might be referred. All you have pointed out in HPB's
> Qabalistic writings, differ-not-at-all with our "western" teachings.
> peace to you, brad
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