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Dec 23, 2009 09:23 PM
by Brad Crawford

I can't yet let this go.You referred me to pg.114S.D. You are right,HPB there says "nearly every one of the 22 hebrew letters are merely 
phallic symbols."She shows ayin which is an eye, and tzadi, a fish hook. On pg.310 she goes on to saythe language of the Hierophants
have seven dialects, each referring to one of the seven mysteries of Nature. She may well have taken this advice to mind, while seeing
only phalluses in the 22 hebrew letters.

Frankly, I have no idea how she comes to such an absurd conclusion.This is the alphabet the Hebrews took with them out of Babylon.
Thir original alphabet was a cuniform script. The,now, Hebrew IS Chaldean.The Chaldeans droped it when they adopted the Arabic
script.It is termed the FIRE-alphabet, letters of flame, not phallus-letters.

She speaks of the degenerate nature of the Qabalistic system,only lower-level, metaphisics, but like you yourself said, the first vol.S.D. 
is very qaballistic.There are seven keys of interpretation there as well as with other systems. If she failed to seek initiation into the 
Greater Qabalistic mysteries, it is not the fault of the Qabalah. She preferred to pledge an oath to an Eastern Brother. Thats fine but,
does not say there are none of the Greater Mysteries to be found in the Western Tradition. Do some research about the Cmt. St. Germain.
Francis and Roger Bacon, Paracelsus,St. Martin, Bohme,etc.,etc. There are grand and Holy traditions regarding Qabalah, Rosicrucianism, and 
Alchemy; most,thoroughly compatible with the Egyptian Hermeticism. There is much more there than poor phalicism.
If that is all an Eastern student is able to see in it all, that really says nothing of the tradition itself. What you seem fond of calling Chaldean,
if that is what was shown on your post of HPB's diagram, it IS identicle with the same "western" Qabalah, in which I have, to some degree,
been instructed. Just because you are not fond of me saying so, doesn't change anything.

I don't have any idea what "Chaldean" Qabalah differs from your"western" Qabalah. Anything about Qabalah in the Secret Doctrine,
is entirely consistent with the instructions given me by my "western" qaballistic school. But, of course you are free to believe otherwise
if you wish.I can't speak of why H.P.B. spoke so lowly of some "western" qabalah, and then write a book so consistent with thier 

I eagerly await some references to any non-hebrew, Chaldean Qabalah to which I might be referred. All you have pointed out in HPB's
Qabalistic writings, differ-not-at-all with our "western" teachings.

peace to you, brad


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