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Re:the phalic QBLH

Dec 23, 2009 07:47 PM
by Brad Crawford

With all due respect, there may be given a phallic interpretation of QBLH, by some Jews,but the general doctrine is not essentially any more phallic
 than any other.There are a good many Hindus, with similar interpretations of thier scriptures. Please explain to me how my spiritual philosophy, Qabalah, 
is phallic? I think HPB often used "Chaldean" when speaking of QBLH, generally, as that is it's native soil. The page of symbols you posted was showing 
symbolically, QBLH, alongside a diagramatic representation of Gupta Vidya. If what she showed was meant to represent the "Chaldean" 
version of QBLH, there is not the slightest difference with "western" QBLH. None.

When you speak of the superiority of the "eastern" systems (I dont remember your exact wording), perhaps you should've said it better led  YOU to some 
spiritual understanding. That does not make it so,universally. There are very holy Adepts from the western tradition. Perhaps you may look back into 
the Theos. Glossary, under Rabbi Akiba, and all the others listed. I dont recall HPB referring to these Hebrew Adepts as members of some filthy
phallic doctrines.

The words you wrote about professed masters and Adepts, perhaps you could come right out and say how it is they are called such by you.The brother
who founded our school, left HOGD, under the direction of a certain Master, recognized as being involved with the Western tradition. He authored many
wonderful works on QBLH,Hermetic doctrines,Alchemy, etc. some of them annonymously,like the Kybalion. You may feel good about taking cheap
shots at people widely regarded by many Initiates as great leaders but, I'm not sure why you would.

Nor was I being disrespectful asking about your Islamic orientation,I was only asking but, the way you speak of some of the Great occult traditions
in the terms you do, makes one wonder.There have been many true Adepts in the west, a good many who were Jews.




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